Tendril Cellars

130 West Monroe Street Carlton Oregon 97111 US

We believe that the “essence” of truly great wine begins and ends in the vineyard. We chose the name, Tendril, because it is an integral part of the grape vine itself. This humble yet visually appealing curly “appendage” is how the young shoots attach to the trellis and pull themselves up. Without tendrils, the shoots would simply crawl along the ground. And the grapes would perish long before ripening.

Tendril Wine Cellars is home to one of the region’s only winemaker-led, seated progressive tastings complimented by appetizing offerings from Child’s Play, Tendril’s playful younger sister.  An annual and all-encompassing pursuit, the name Tendril honors the grapevine, the foundation for all truly great wine.

The Coolest New Thing in Wine: A Five-Course Pinot Noir Tasting Experience
“Oregon winemaker Tony Rynders likes to make wines that both surprise and delight people… he is doing just that and a good bit more. By the numbers along Rynders ranks as one of Oregon’s most highly acclaimed winemakers.” – Katie Kelly Bell, August 14, 2017

Our vision is “slow wine.” Everything we do is towards the best possible wines and it simply takes more time: continual interaction with vineyard, adaptive winemaking, separate small-lot fermentations, and longer aging. It is a process rather than a production, and not always successful.

We offer three different options for our wine club family, named for three of our wines: Extrovert, TightRope and C~Note.

Tendril Wine Cellars offers intimate tasting experiences by appointment only. Our seated tastings are always led by one of our winemakers— they are an in-depth experience for all your senses tasting at minimum six wines.

We’re happy to hear that you’re interested in purchasing our wine. We ship to adults in most U.S. states. Please select a wine to add it to your cart.

We love visitors, although it’s always best to book ahead as our winemaker-led tastings require some preparation.

Need a Tech Sheet, a photo, a label or all of the above? Well then, visit our Trade & Media resource to get everything you need.

We don’t like policies as much as the next person— a handshake is bond enough in many cases. But this makes our lawyer happy because it keeps us in business, focused on the business of making wine.

We are open for tastings!

At long last the doors are open to our new tasting room & winery in Carlton! We have several areas inside and outdoors to host you safely and spaciously.

— Tony and the Tendril gang