Tendril Cellars

130 West Monroe Street Carlton Oregon 97111 US

We offer three different options for our wine club family, all of which include the following benefits:

  • Customizable shipments twice per year in spring and fall
  • Complimentary tastings for up to four people
  • Discounted pricing for all purchases
  • Access to library wines and pre-releases
  • Picnic privileges at the tasting room

Each club differs in terms of the number of bottles per shipment and the discount available. Please note that while the club names match our wines, the wines shipped are not exclusively the named wine.

Shipping is done weather permitting and not available to all states. For a list of states that we can ship to please check out our policies page.


You will receive 6 bottles per shipment (a case annually) with a discount of 10% applied.

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You will receive 12 bottles per shipment (two cases annually) with a discount of 15% applied.

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You will receive 18 bottles per shipment (three cases annually) with a discount of 20% applied.

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Our vision is “slow wine.” Everything we do is towards the best possible wines and it simply takes more time: continual interaction with vineyard, adaptive winemaking, separate small-lot fermentations, and longer aging. It is a process rather than a production, and not always successful.

We offer three different options for our wine club family, named for three of our wines: Extrovert, TightRope and C~Note.

Tendril Wine Cellars offers intimate tasting experiences by appointment only. Our seated tastings are always led by one of our winemakers— they are an in-depth experience for all your senses tasting at minimum six wines.

Now that the weather has improved and the world is getting vaccinated, we’d love to host you at the winery. Lots of outdoor space on our lawn to enjoy with your family…

We’re happy to hear that you’re interested in purchasing our wine. We ship to adults in most U.S. states. Please select a wine to add it to your cart.

We love visitors, although it’s always best to book ahead as our winemaker-led tastings require some preparation.

Need a Tech Sheet, a photo, a label or all of the above? Well then, visit our Trade & Media resource to get everything you need.

We don’t like policies as much as the next person— a handshake is bond enough in many cases. But this makes our lawyer happy because it keeps us in business, focused on the business of making wine.

We will be closed Dec. 20 through Jan. 4

Unique Gift Idea from Tendril’s Library

We are re-releasing our 2011 Tendril Pinot Noir (now known as the Extrovert). This is a unique opportunity to enjoy a mature yet lively wine from our library! To make this more irresistible, we are offering this at a 10% discount off the Extrovert price (was $52, now $46.80). This discount is incremental to club member discounts.

To take advantage of this special price, follow the link below and use coupon code LIBRARY on checkout. Note shipping is weather dependent— please contact us for more information.

2011 Tendril White Label Pinot Noir