Tendril Cellars

3500 Northwest Bridge Farmer Road Gaston Oregon 97119 US
  • 2016 Child’s Play Pinot Chardonnay

    In the nose, this wine displays aromas of quince, Bosc pear, white peach, wet stone, citrus flower, and honeydew melon.  The palate is fresh and juicy, showing flavors of Galia melon, margarita mix, fresh strawberry, with lingering hints of wet stone.

    Marcona almonds, steamed Manila clams, Skittles

  • 2017 Child’s Play Rosé of Pinot Noir

    The nose is loaded with aromas of wild strawberry, cotton candy, passion fruit and rhubarb cobbler.   The palate is soft and round, bursting with flavors of red plum, fresh strawberry, blood orange, and pomegranate.

    fresh gazpacho, tuna tartare, strawberry shortcake

  • 2015 Child’s Play Pinot Noir

    The wine displays aromas of fresh violet, red raspberry, cherry, black tea, slight cedar, and spiced plum.  The palate full and round, with wild berry, pie cherry, slight licorice, tarragon, and soft tannins.

    grilled burger, spaghetti with meat sauce, chocolate chip cookies

  • 2015 Child’s Play Zinfandel

    The wine displays aromas of mixed berries, fresh tobacco, spearmint, and homemade fruit leather.  The palate is soft and round, with wild berry, sassafras, vanilla, slight black pepper, and supple tannins.

    pepperoni pizza, sloppy joes, blueberry pop tarts

Our vision is “slow wine.” Everything we do is towards the best possible wines and it simply takes more time: continual interaction with vineyard, adaptive winemaking, separate small-lot fermentations, and longer aging. It is an process rather than a production, and not always successful.

We offer three different options for our wine club family, named for three of our wines: Extrovert, TightRope and C~Note.

Tendril Wine Cellars offers intimate tasting experiences by appointment only. Our seated tastings are always led by one of our winemakers— they are an in-depth experience for all your senses tasting at minimum six wines.

We’re happy to hear that you’re interested in purchasing our wine. We ship to adults in most U.S. states. Please select a wine to add it to your cart.

We love visitors, although it’s always best to book ahead as our winemaker-led tastings require some preparation.

Need a Tech Sheet, a photo, a label or all of the above? Well then, visit our Trade & Media resource to get everything you need.

We don’t like policies as much as the next person— a handshake is bond enough in many cases. But this makes our lawyer happy because it keeps us in business, focused on the business of making wine.